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Manufacturer Highlight - Rand PV

For the past century, J.F. Nolan has been carefully identifying lines that help customers stay focused on modern technology and the trends we see in our industry. In 2023, it’s clear that our customers need products that will help them continue to manufacture quality parts while also driving a sustainable and green future. With this understanding, JFN Sales has added Rand PV to our line card.

You might be surprised to learn that IL ranks 15th in the U.S. for Solar Installments in 2022, drawing nearly 1.4% (1,909 MW) of their power from solar-generated electricity.

Rand PV makes solar DC disconnects and solar DC combiner boxes for utilities, energy companies and professional EPC installers. Utilizing a NEMA 4X/IP65 Enclosure, with all UL approved electrical components, Rand PV's in-house fabrication abilities are ready for your custom solar needs.

For more information on Rand PV’s solar offerings, please visit or contact Dalsen at JFN Sales for a more personal discussion on your specific solar needs.


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