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Supplier Highlight: PowerX International

PowerX, located in Waukesha, WI, has been manufacturing high force and mobile hydraulics to industry leaders in both OEM and commercial applications since 2001. In 2016, former Global President of SPX Hydraulic Technologies, Thom Farrell, purchased the company and has rebranded under PowerX with the continued mission of developing its brand, increasing its product portfolio, and increasing global sales channels. Thom’s many years of leadership in this industry allow him to focus on building a world class business for the customers we support.

Benefits to Partnering with PowerX:

  • Products are time tested. We believe in offering our customers affordable, high-quality products dedicated toward supplying premium products at competitive prices.

  • Convenient deliveries. We stock products in Wisconsin and our distribution channels. More than 85% of PowerX products the markets demand are 1-4 days away from the customer.

  • High focus on selling what matters makes us stand out. Already offering 85%+ what customers need and markets demand. We care about meeting our customers’ requirements and ship dates.

  • Agile management team that comes from within the industry. We offer solid training and engineering support coupled with remarkable customer service to our channel partners and customers.

  • Nimble to channel partner needs and focus on being different, in a way that really matters. Ex. Growing PowerX product offerings based on channel needs.

  • PowerX has the most rewarding distribution program. in the industry combining very competitive pricing with generous discounts and marketing co-op funds to increase value for our sales partners

  • PowerX distributors are faster growing their high-pressure hydraulic revenues, stock less product, experience higher turns and earn substantially greater margins.

PowerX Product Offerings:

Pumps: Hand pumps (21 cu3 – 427 cu3) in aluminum or steel, high pressure, air over hydraulic, electric single and double acting pumps (3/4 hp – 3 hp)

Cylinders: General purpose spring return, flat body spring return, automotive, low height, center hole, double acting, pull (normally extended), and aluminum body hydraulic cylinders

System Components: Hose assemblies, pressure gauges, gauge adapters, needle valves, flow control valves, manifolds, high flow couplers, 10,000 PSI fittings, hydraulic oil

Jacks: Bottle Jacks, heavy duty toe jacks

Maintenance Kits: Portable power maintenance kits (4-ton and 10-ton options)

Spreaders: Flange spreaders (1, ¾, 15, 25 tons)

Nut Splitters: Single acting spring return. For applications with bolt sizes that are common to two tool model sizes

Pullers: Space saving design with self-contained hydraulic pump (4T, 8T, 12T, 20T, 30T) - Both mechanical and hydraulic options, Hydraulic three jaw puller, 55T and 200T Puller on cart

Presses: H-Frame Presses (50T, 100T, 150T, 200T), pump and cylinder matched for optimal operation

Stay tuned for additional product spotlights for PowerX International. If you have any specific questions regarding your hydraulic needs, please reach out to Dalsen at JFN Sales.


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